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Enter the weekly drawing for a chance to win a chamber business gift card! Double your chances to win by sharing your battle burger photos with us!

The 2nd Annual Battle of the Buns contest will return to Dell Rapids in January 2021! All four businesses are back and ready to compete with new menu items! We need your votes to find out who will be titled the 2021 Best Burger in Dells! To cast your vote, purchase one of these battle burgers, complete the ballot and return it to the participating business. You'll receive a ballot for every burger purchase, so you can vote again and again! 

The Dell Rapids Chamber of Commerce will also hold a weekly drawing for a chance to win a chamber business gift card! To enter drawing, purchase a battle burger, complete the ballot, and return it to the particiapting business. We'll draw a winner weekly! Double your chances of winning by sharing photos of battle burger experiences with us on our Facebook page or emailing them to

The Battle of the Buns will be held all January long, so you'll have plenty of time to check out all of these delicious offers. At the end of the month, we'll tally up votes and announce the winner at the Chamber Annual Meeting & Social Hour held on February 21st (more details to come). Gronli Cabinetry will be sponsoring the award with a personalized cutting board award deeming the 2021 winner the Best Burger in Dells!

Check out this delicious burger lineup:

PINZ offers the Cheez-Fection, a 1/2 pound 100% all beef patty, seasoned and grilled to perfection. Layered with Swiss, American, & Cheddar Cheese. This cheesy delight becomes complete by being served on a toasted pretzel bun, deluxe style with PINZ new secret sauce. This burger is sheer Cheez-Fection. Served with fries for $10.50

Papa's Pub & Eatery offers the Papa’s Italiano, which features Papa's 1/2 pound patty with one of their fried house-made mozzarella medallions and a house-made Rosa sauce. Served with fries for $10

Norby’s Bar & Grill offers the Zesty Mexy De Gallo, a 1/3 lb beef - spiced up with their special seasoning, Mexican cheese & jalapeno - pattied to perfection. Served on toasted brioche bun with Norby's special sauce & salsa! Served with Spicy Fries for $8.99

County Fair Grocery & Deli offers the Bodacious Bacon PB&J, this hamburger patty features peppered bacon, special seasoning, peanut butter and grape jelly all on a burger bun! Served with cheese balls and drink for $7.77

Thank you to our sponsors:
Dell Rapids Chamber of Commerce
Dell Rapids Economic Development Corporation


2020 Battle of the Buns!

Papa's Pub & Eatery was voted the 2020 Best Burger in Dells!

The Battle of the Buns (burger battle) challenged four local businesses to create unique menu features for the month of February 2020 and compete against each other for a chance to win the title of the “Best Burger in Dells.” The chamber also challenged the community to take part, as customers could cast their votes for every battle burger purchased, share photos of their experiences, and promote the event on social media.

During the Dell Rapids Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting & Banquet, Papa' Pub & Eatery received a custom engraved cutting board hand crafted by Gronli Cabinetry.


This February, Dell Rapids Chamber of Commerce presents Dell Rapids Battle of the Buns! 4 Restaurants in Dell Rapids will compete to win the title of 2020 Best Burger In Dells! PINZ LLC, Papa’s Pub & Eatery, Norbys Bar & Grill, & County Fair Food Store Dell Rapids will have their battle burgers available for the whole month of February!

Which burger will you vote the 2020 Best Burger In Dells?

Customers will receive a voting ballot for each burger purchased from participating locations in February. Fill out the ballot to be entered into a weekly drawing. Double your chances to win by posting a picture of your purchased burger on the Dell Rapids Chamber of Commerce page!

PINZ LLC - "Beddar" Bacon Cheddar
"Candied Bacon - on a half pound of beef - seasoned to perfection with a teriyaki treat - add a little cheddar to make it really sweet - the "Beddar" Bacon Cheddar is a must to eat!!!"

Papa’s Pub & Eatery - Papa's Western Burger
"1/3 lb seasoned patty with American cheese, applewood smoked bacon, fried onion strings, spring mix, light drizzle of ranch, and a house-made BBQ-mayo all on our signature fresh branded bun."

Norbys Bar & Grill - Candied Bacon, Jalapeno, Cheddar, and Peanut Butter Burger
"1/4 lb burger, cheddar cheese, candied bacon, jalapeno, and a peanut butter base."

County Fair Food Store Dell Rapids - Hawaiian Humdinger
"Hawaiian hamburger bun, burger, pepper-jack cheese, pineapple, avocado, lettuce, tomato, onion, and bbq sauce."

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