Member Benefits

Access to Our Marketing and Advertising Resources

Getting your name "out there" is vital to your businesses success. Marketing and advertising campaigns are the most effective ways to reach the customers you want. Unfortunately both are expensive and time consuming. Being a member gives you access to our marketing and advertising resources; meaning you don't have to spend the time and money doing it yourself. Let us take care of your marketing and advertising; so you can focus on what’s important: your business and your customers.

Be a Part of the Community

In the age of the Internet creating an Ad for your business is easy; getting it noticed is not. Dell Rapids is a close community. Everyone knows everyone in some way or another. This means one thing: word travels fast. Let the Chamber of Commerce be your highway to the customers that matter.

The Best Business Referral Network in the Area.

Online Marketing is important but it cannot be solely relied on to gain new business. Word of Mouth Marketing is still king when it comes to reliable, honest customers. The Chamber of Commerce is the bridge between your business and the customers you want.

Member Access to Chamber Events

Being a member gives you access to Chamber events, like vendor shows and seminars, at a discounted rate. Our goal is to provide our members with tools for success. A few examples of these tools are - advertising, networking, and the most important: knowledge. Knowledge is the foundation to your business and as any contractor will tell you: don’t ignore your foundation. The Chamber of Commerce provides educational opportunities to keep our members’ foundations solid.